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The machinery show season restarted in Shanghai

M E C: B2B-News

M E C: B2B-News, the show season restarted again.

China Machine Tools Exhibition CME successfully opened the shows season at Hongqiao Exhibition Center 1-4.7.2020. The first big show after Covid19 stop. Five halls with almost only Chinese machine tool manufacturers and few wise foreign brand localised in China are on full display. Visitors flow is constant all day long even though below last year’s attendance as expected.


• increasing demand of machinery is evident in the talks and local makers are profiting from it

• foreign manufacturers cut all exhibitions of 2020 including China, might prove a big mistake

• this year might be game changer: buyers are selecting local offer over those who don’t show up

• new communication techniques being introduced like B2B streaming online equipment presentation on tiktok

• entry and safety procedures are smooth upon showing green code and ID/passport

• exhibitors are growing positive expectations from CME business talks.Add paragraph text here.

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